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Does mental toughness and winning in collegiate sports go hand in hand? If you play a collegiate sport or not, do you should know that mental toughness can get you over the hump when faced with adversity?

Collegiate athletes should especially know this when they enter a match, game or event.

Junior guard at Georgia Southern University, Tre Bussey, especially knows this and looks at this being the key factor in why the team hasn’t grown since his tenure here.

“Mental toughness takes you a long way on the court, whether you know it or not.” Bussey said. “I’ve noticed that when we get down by a few scores or haven’t aren’t playing at our best, we just pack it in and quit. It’s kind of like Lebron James prior to his first championship. He couldn’t handle the adversity and wasn’t mentally ready to win, I feel like we are the same way. If we fight throughout tough times and show mental strength, we will win our conference next year.”

Sports psychologist, James Loehr, popularized the term “mental toughness” in 1986 as the ability to consistently maintain an ideal performance state during the heat of the competition. Since it is considered a very essential psychological skill in sports, mental toughness is recognized as the key ingredient in achieving success in sports. Within the sports context, Loehr describes mental toughness as the ability to create an optimal performance state, to access empowering emotions, and to cope.

Sophomore standout tennis player, Andrew Drowsky also sees mental toughness as the key skill in his success this season.

“I’ve grown so much in my mental focus since I was a freshman to this year.” said Drowsky. “When I would get down in a match last season, I would think that I wasn’t good enough to come back, or that I wasn’t ready for this match, when all I really should have been focused on was still playing my best and going out there competing. I’ve already surpassed my win total from last season and if it weren’t for me being more mentally tough then I wouldn’t be there.”

For many collegiate athletes the skills of the opposing players can be intimidating and the scoreboard can lead for them to take their minds off of the game or match and into a state of total defeat.

According to sports psychologists, Esbelle Jowers and John Bartholomew, routines can help a player separate the thinking and planning time from the time when he must act. Sport psychologists who work with baseball teams often draw a circle in the dirt and have the infielder do all of his mental prep outside the circle–once the player is inside the circle, thought is to stop and it’s time to react. Routines, or rituals seem to calm and soothe us.

For many collegiate athletes this could be listening to music, allowing yourself to be by yourself prior to the match while visualizing everything that they must do to come out successful. Focusing on the fight during the game or match can also lead to more success or collegiate athletes in sports and allow them to control what they are capable of controlling.

I believe that the NFL has made football less exciting to watch. The NFL has began to fine players for hard hits on players. James Harrison specifically has been the target of these fines and his teammates have expressed much displeasure towards the NFL targeting him.

Here’s a link to Pittsburgh Steeler’s Wide Receiver comments:

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward has lashed out at the NFL for what he calls its hypocritical stance on many issues, including player safety.

He says the league suddenly is emphasizing player safety only because it wants to expand to an 18-game season.

Ward predicted Wednesday that a team will lose a game — possibly in the playoffs — because an official will make an incorrect call simply because he fears being disciplined by the league if he doesn’t throw a flag.

Ward said there is considerable confusion around the league because players no longer know what hit is legal and what isn’t. He also said the Steelers won’t change their playing style to adopt to the ever-shifting rules, even if they keep getting fined.


Here’s a link to the article and story:

The NCAA released its finding in a statement Wednesday. The college sports governing body had concluded on Monday that a violation of Newton’s amateur status had occurred. Auburn declared Newton ineligible on Tuesday and requested his eligibility be reinstated.

Newton has been cleared to compete without conditions.

Auburn (No. 1 BCS, No. 2 AP) plays South Carolina (No. 19 BCS, No. 18 AP) in the Southeastern Conference championship game Saturday. With a victory, the Tigers will earn a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

“Based on the information available to the reinstatement staff at this time, we do not have sufficient evidence that Cam Newton or anyone from Auburn was aware of this activity, which led to his reinstatement,” said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president for academic and membership affairs. “From a student-athlete reinstatement perspective, Auburn University met its obligation . . . Under this threshold, the student-athlete has not participated while ineligible.”

Said Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs: “We are pleased that the NCAA has agreed with our position that Cam Newton has been and continues to be eligible to play football at Auburn University. We appreciate the diligence and professionalism of the NCAA and its handling of this matter.”




It seems as though nowadays athletes are the blame for everything.  I don’t believe they signed up to be role models. It’s not completely fair for them to be labeled as such. Just because you are good at something and on TV doesn’t mean that you should be under the microscope more than any other person. I do believe that we expect too much from athletes and it puts too much responsibility on them. Another thing that athletes get are too much privileges.   Donte Stallworth, Wide Receiver from the Baltimore Ravens hit a person while being under the influence and only received thirty days in prison.; If it were any normal citizen he would have been prosecuted and thrown in prison for at least 5 years. What good is taking away his license for life when he is rich enough to hire a chauffeur and doesn’t need them in the first place. I just believe we should stop blaming athletes and in the same sense stop crowning them as Gods. Neither situation isn’t fair to them, so let’s stop media. PLEASE!

As many may already know, Cameron Newton, the great Quarterback from Auburn is being spun around in the media for many unfootball related issues.  While a player at the University of Florida a few years ago, when Newton wasn’t shining, there was no speculation or concern about him. Now that Newton is playing very well and shining everything is such a big deal. I am not the one to point the racist finger or show it, but it seems as if black athletes are always the ones on the media’s eyes and are not the only ones doing these things. Ben Roethlisberger allegedly raped a girl in Milledgeville , GA. He was not prosecuted or taken to court for it. The NFL waited until all of the releases and stories the alleged victim had to make a decision. It is very clear that he may have in fact done this act, but is he persecuted, NO. Michael Vick was came at as a if he murdered a human being when he was found to have been involved in dog fighting incidents. If I’m right, which I know I am, deer hunting and fishing is a sport. Why isn’t PETA going at these issues to get them solved? Maybe because it is a sport mainly enjoyed by whites. I don’t see any fairness in the media blaming and only coming at minority athletes. I hope this post doesn’t stir up any crazy comments, but this is how I feel about this issue.

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball. In my opinion he is the second best player to ever play the game behind the great Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant has five championship rings, two NBA Finals MVP’s, one league MVP, over 10 All-NBA 1st Teams, over 13 NBA-All Star teams made, and over 12 ALL-Defensive NBA Teams. He is the epitome of a complete player. Michael Jordan has all of Kobe’s accomplishments plus more. Many believe that if Kobe surpasses Jordan in the championship category then he would become the greatest player to ever play in the game. No one has accomplished as much as Kobe Bryant by the age of 31. Every opinion is truly only that, an opinion. I make sure to see both sides of the story so that I won’t become bias. I truly believe that one day this discussion will be a great one and I hope to one day have the opportunity to be an analyst on TV talking about it.

  • Information overload is pervasive in our society. You can help reduce clutter by keeping your messages simple, short and concise.
  • E-mail(electronic mail) is rapid and cost-efficient. It is however, not a substitute for personal one-on-one communication.
  • Email is less formal than a letter, but more formal than a telephone call.
  • Business letters are personalized communication that should be well organized, concise, and to the point. The can prevent misunderstanding and provide a record of an agreement.
  • Memos should be one page or less and state the key messages immediately. Memos have 5 key components:
  1. date
  2. to
  3. from
  4. subject
  5. message
  • Proposals must follow a logical, well organized format. They are prepared to convince management to make a decision about a contract or approve money and resources for a project.

All notes are from the book >>>> >>>>Hold Ctrl and click on link to access it.

  • The worldwide adoption of the Internet and the World Wide Web has taken less time than the adoption of any other mass medium in history
  • The World Wide Web is the first medium that allows organizations to send controlled messages to a mass audience without the message being filtered by journalists or editors
  • Public relations practitioners are heavy users of the internet and world wide web.
  • They include unique characteristics such as:
  1. Easy updating of material
  2. instant distribution of information
  3. an infinite amount of space for information
  4. the ability to interact with the audience
  • RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. A user may sign up for any number of RSS feeds from various organizations and news outlets.
  • Blogs are mainstream in terms of numbers and influences
  • 3 kinds of blogs:
  1. Corporate
  2. Employee
  3. Third-party
  • Myspace and facebook and the most popular social networking sites. Organizations establish presences on these sites.

All notes are from the book >>>> >>>>Hold Ctrl and click on link to access it.

  • Journalists depend on public relations sources for receiving most of their information: public relations people rely on the media for widespread distribution of information.
  • The most common complaints journalist have about public relations people, according to PRWeek survey are
  1. lack of familiarity with editorial requirements and format
  2. poorly written materials
  3. too many unsolicited emails and phone calls
  4. lack of knowledge about their product or service
  5. repeated calls and follow-ups
  • Gimmicks, such as T-shirts and coffee mugs, are not well received by reporters or editors

All notes are from the book >>>> >>>>Hold Ctrl and click on link to access it.

  • Media directories, whether print, CD-ROM, or online, are essential tools for compiling media lists and distributing information.
  • Media lists and e-mail addresses must be updated and revised on a regular basis: journalists frequently change jobs.
  • The vast majority of news releases and other press materials are now distributed via e-mail and through electronic news wires.
  • Email is now a popular way of communicating with reporters and editors about possible story ides. It works best, however, when the publicist and the reporter have already established a working relationship
  • The fax machine is a good way to send media advisories, and late-breaking news releases. However, it is not wise to mass distribute routine news releases by fax.

All notes are from the book >>>> >>>>Hold Ctrl and click on link to access it.